Electrolux Professional SKYLINE PREMIUM S 6 EL

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Electrolux Professional SKYLINE PREMIUM S 10 EL


SkyLine PremiumS Combi Boiler Oven with touch screen control, 10×1/1GN, electric, 3 cooking modes (automatic, recipe program, manual), automatic cleaning


Supply voltage: 380-415 V/3N ph/50-60 Hz

Electrical power, default: 19 kW

Default power corresponds to factory test conditions.

When supply voltage is declared as a range the test is performed at the average value. According to the country, the installed power may vary within the range.

Electrical power max.: 20.3 kW

Circuit breaker required

Water inlet connections “CWI1-CWI2”: 3/4″

Pressure, bar min/max: 1-6 bar

Drain “D”: 50mm

Max inlet water supply temperature: 30 °C

Chlorides: <17 ppm

Conductivity: >285 µS/cm

Door hinges:

External dimensions, Width: 867 mm

External dimensions, Height: 1058 mm

External dimensions, Depth: 775 mm

Weight: 145 kg

Net weight: 145 kg

Shipping weight: 159 kg

Shipping volume: 1.06 m³

Trays type: 10 – 1/1 Gastronorm

Max load capacity: 50 kg

Clearance: Clearance: 5 cm rear and right hand sides.

Suggested clearance for service access: 50 cm left hand side.

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